Embracing the 'Only One' Path

     This theme has been rolling around in my mind: "Only One." It sounds simple, right? But in a world that's all about options and choices, this notion feels almost revolutionary.     We're constantly bombarded with messages telling us we can have it all, do it all, be it all. From commercials that cost millions for just seconds of our time, promising happiness and success, to the endless stream of choices we face daily. It's overwhelming, isn't it?      But today, I was hit with a different message, one that goes against the grain of our culture: "Only One." It's a reminder, a mantra, that not everything is about having more, doing more, or being more. It's about focusing on what truly matters.      Every person is born only once, lives only one life, and yes, eventually, dies. It's a 100% guaranteed statistic. But the kicker? Every one of us will live forever somewhere. That's right, eternity is real, and where we spend it comes d

Trusting God's Perfect Timing

     As we closed the first month of this year and stepped into February, our collective spirit has been in a place of reflection and anticipation. It's like we're collectively pausing, taking a deep breath before we dive into the rest of 2024. We're asking, "Lord, what do you have in store for us this year? How do you want to shape, use, and mold us?"      This journey of pausing and seeking isn't just about slowing our pace but about redirecting our focus entirely away from ourselves and toward God. It's about acknowledging that, while we may have plans, God's timing and His plans are what truly matter. It's a lesson in humility and trust, one that we're learning together as a church family.      I've been thinking a lot about our church. We're not a large congregation, but the size isn't the point. There have been moments of impatience and frustration, wishing we could reach more people, and see more lives transformed. But I'

Finding Our Why in God's Grand Design

     You know, sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of praising God through songs and prayers that we forget how powerful it can be just to take a moment and pour out our praise from the depths of our hearts. It's like, our lips move, and the melodies swell, but do we really pause to think about what we're saying? So, I tried something different the other day. I just stopped. Stopped and really thought about how thankful I am for everything God does in my life, how He's been my keeper, my sustainer, and honestly, how He's the one holding my whole world together.      It got me thinking about how everything in this world, including us, was created with a purpose. I mean, we're not just here to mindlessly scroll through our phones or veg out on the couch with some Oreos (although, let's be real, Oreos are pretty great). But seriously, God didn't create us to just go through the motions. He's got this whole purpose thing figured out, and everything

Discovering the Power of Living Hope

     Over the past few weeks, we've been exploring a series titled "Master," and it's been a powerful experience, both as a pastor and as a Jesus follower.      We began by focusing on the unique nature of Jesus as our living hope. Unlike other gods, Jesus is alive, having conquered death itself. This truth isn't just a theological concept; it's the foundation of our lives. He's the master not just in title but in reality – the captain of our ship, the authority over our lives. Recognizing this has profound implications for how we live, whether we're the type to plan every detail of our lives or we tend to just go with the flow.      In the first week of the series, we talked about the "Heart of God." The second week, we delved into the "Mind of Christ." And now, we're focusing on the "Power of God." This topic is particularly close to my heart. I've been grappling with it, wrestling with what it means to truly und

The Power of Worship and the Mind of Christ

     For a song to become an act of worship, two critical elements must be present. Firstly, there needs to be an object of worship – in my faith, that's Jesus, God. Secondly, our hearts must be aligned toward this object. The Bible teaches us that when we sing with our hearts turned to God, His spirit enters the space, inhabiting the praises of His people.      This belief that God shows up when worshipped isn't just a religious concept; it's a relational one. If someone were worshiping you, wouldn't you want to be present to hear it? This is how I view God's presence in worship. He promises to be there, and I've witnessed this promise fulfilled countless times.      I've seen the atmosphere change when people set aside their personal agendas to seek God. During a weekend dedicated to fasting and prayer, we saw a shift in the room, a presence that wasn't just emotional but spiritual. We need this spirit of God to guide us, to lead us beyond our emotions

Embracing God's Heart for the New Year

     The start of a new year often brings about reflections and resolutions, but this year, my approach is distinctly different. I'm compelled to share with you a revelation that's been stirring in my heart, a revelation about aligning our plans with God's will.      Being both a businessperson and a pastor, goal setting is ingrained in my DNA. I thrive on challenges and achievements. However, this year, I'm prompted to consult the Master before embarking on any plan. It's not about what I want to accomplish; it's about what God wants to accomplish through me.      My prayer hasn't been about personal achievements but rather, "Lord, what can I do for You this year? How can I make a real difference?" This shift in perspective is significant. It's easy to trip over plans and ambitions, but the Bible reminds us that while we may have many plans, it is God who orders our steps.      In 2024, I sense a unique calling, a call not just for our communi

The Joy of Giving

The Joyful Gift of Giving Recently, I've been contemplating the true essence of joy, especially in the context of giving. A profound example of this came when I gave my son, Hayden, my other truck on his 16th birthday. This gesture wasn't just about handing over keys; it was about ensuring his safety and independence. The joy I felt was starkly different from the mere happiness of acquiring material things. It was tied to the act of giving and the well-being of a person I deeply care about. Joy vs. Happiness: Understanding the Difference The difference between joy and happiness is significant yet often misunderstood. Happiness is often a fleeting feeling, sparked by things like purchasing items or indulging in pleasures. However, joy is deeper and more lasting. It's intertwined with our interactions and relationships with others. When we're alone or focused solely on materialistic pursuits, we might find temporary happiness, but the enduring joy that comes from meaningf