Proclaiming Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

The Essence of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time universally acknowledged for gratitude and appreciation. However, the Lord reminds us that gratitude should not be confined to a single day. Entering His courts with thanksgiving is a practice we should embrace daily, not just during the Thanksgiving season.

A Mandate to Proclaim God's Goodness

As believers, we are called upon to proclaim God's goodness. This isn't merely a suggestion; it's a mandate. We are faced with a choice: to be obedient to this call or not. The compelling reason behind this mandate is God's unwavering faithfulness.

Reflecting on God's Faithfulness

The faithfulness of God is evident throughout history. Consider the miraculous events like the parting of the Red Sea, where God led the Israelites from slavery to freedom. These stories aren't just historical accounts; they are testimonies of God's enduring love and power.

Personal Reflections and Challenges

Embracing God's Goodness

It's one thing to acknowledge God's goodness and another to truly embrace it in our lives. Our actions often reveal our true perceptions of His nature. Do we run to Him or away from Him in times of trouble? This behavior is a barometer of how deeply we perceive His goodness.

The Call to Action

Declaring God's Goodness

We are not just called to recognize God's goodness but to declare it. This declaration isn't limited to words; it's reflected in our actions, our worship, and our daily lives. It's about making His goodness known to those around us.

A Personal Letter to the Lord

I shared a personal letter I wrote to the Lord, reflecting on the multitude of blessings in my life. From material comforts to spiritual gifts, the letter was a humble acknowledgment of God's generosity. This exercise, though overwhelming, was a profound reminder of His presence in every aspect of my life.

The Responsibility of Believers

It's our duty to make known the goodness of God. This isn't the responsibility of the church alone but of every believer. We must be the ones to teach our children and those in our circles about the loving nature of God.

A Call to Reflect and Share

I encourage everyone to reflect on their own blessings and share the goodness of God with others. It's not enough to acknowledge His goodness; we must actively spread it in our communities and beyond. This commitment to sharing God's love and mercy is what truly embodies a spirit of thanksgiving, every day of the year.

- Pastor Robby


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