Discovering the Power of Living Hope

    Over the past few weeks, we've been exploring a series titled "Master," and it's been a powerful experience, both as a pastor and as a Jesus follower.

    We began by focusing on the unique nature of Jesus as our living hope. Unlike other gods, Jesus is alive, having conquered death itself. This truth isn't just a theological concept; it's the foundation of our lives. He's the master not just in title but in reality – the captain of our ship, the authority over our lives. Recognizing this has profound implications for how we live, whether we're the type to plan every detail of our lives or we tend to just go with the flow.

    In the first week of the series, we talked about the "Heart of God." The second week, we delved into the "Mind of Christ." And now, we're focusing on the "Power of God." This topic is particularly close to my heart. I've been grappling with it, wrestling with what it means to truly understand and embrace God's power in my life.

    There have been times I've felt on top of the world, spiritually speaking, and other times when I've felt like I'm wrestling with God Himself. These past weeks have been a time of intense personal reflection and learning. I've realized that knowing about God's power and living in the reality of it are two very different things.

    I've been struck by how often we overlook the simple but profound truth that God has all power. This became especially apparent during a recent power outage in our area. It's in moments of powerlessness that we realize how dependent we are on sources of power beyond ourselves. Similarly, in our spiritual lives, we often don't recognize the necessity of God's power until we feel utterly powerless.

    As we've been exploring Scripture, like Colossians 1:15-17 and Matthew 28:18, it's become clear that God has all power and offers it to us. This doesn't mean we become all-powerful in ourselves, but that we have access to His power through the Holy Spirit.

    This realization has been both humbling and empowering. It's a reminder that no matter our circumstances, we have access to a power far greater than our own. Whether we're facing personal challenges, societal pressures, or even moments of great success, we're not alone. God's power is at work within us, not for our glory, but for His.

    The journey of the past few weeks has been tough, challenging me in ways I didn't expect. But it's also been gratifying. It’s a journey of acknowledging our weakness and His strength, of learning to lean not on our own understanding but on the power of God at work within us.

    As we continue this series, my hope is that we all learn to embrace the power of God more fully in our lives. Whether we need to slow down and listen, or stand up and act, the journey is about recognizing that we are not the masters of our lives – He is.

    Let's continue to seek His guidance, wisdom, and strength as we navigate the complexities of life, remembering always that in Him, we find the true power to live fully and purposefully.

- Pastor Robby


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