The Power of Worship and the Mind of Christ

    For a song to become an act of worship, two critical elements must be present. Firstly, there needs to be an object of worship – in my faith, that's Jesus, God. Secondly, our hearts must be aligned toward this object. The Bible teaches us that when we sing with our hearts turned to God, His spirit enters the space, inhabiting the praises of His people.

    This belief that God shows up when worshipped isn't just a religious concept; it's a relational one. If someone were worshiping you, wouldn't you want to be present to hear it? This is how I view God's presence in worship. He promises to be there, and I've witnessed this promise fulfilled countless times.

    I've seen the atmosphere change when people set aside their personal agendas to seek God. During a weekend dedicated to fasting and prayer, we saw a shift in the room, a presence that wasn't just emotional but spiritual. We need this spirit of God to guide us, to lead us beyond our emotions and into deeper truth.

    This transformation isn't just about feelings; it's deeply rooted in our mindset. The Bible says, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." This renewal is critical. I've realized that our thoughts can either lead us astray or guide us toward truth and growth. The average person has thousands of thoughts daily, and sadly, a majority of these are negative. But as Christians, we have access to something extraordinary - the mind of Christ. 

    Having the mind of Christ means seeing things from a godly perspective, making decisions not based on our carnal desires but on spiritual wisdom. This shift in thinking changes everything. It's not about impressing others or following a script; it's about tapping into a divine source of wisdom and guidance. 

    When we're faced with decisions, we must ask ourselves: are we thinking with a carnal mind or with the mind of Christ? The difference is stark. Carnal thinking leads to death, while spiritual thinking brings life and peace. Every thought and decision becomes an opportunity to choose which path we tread. 

    Choosing our mindset isn't just theoretical; it's practical and daily. We can choose to think with the mind of Christ by immersing ourselves in His Word and prayer. In doing so, we align our thoughts with His, and this alignment brings peace that transcends understanding.

    The journey of worship and the pursuit of the mind of Christ is transformative. It's not about the songs we sing, but the heart and mind behind them. As we continue to turn our hearts towards God and seek His wisdom, we find ourselves walking a path of peace, purpose, and profound change.

- Pastor Robby


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